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Why you Should Not Do Residential Roofing without the Services of a Professional

residential roofing el paso las crucesResidential roofing might seem easy for individuals that are handy or those that like DIY projects but attempting to do it without professional help is a terrible idea. Unless you have the right training and certification, you should never try to do it regardless of how easy it might look. At ARS Roofing, LLC we offer the best in residential roofing in El Paso and Las Cruces.


In my time as a professional contractor, I have seen several cases of roofing DIY’s projects gone wrong, and in some instances, people get injured in the process. For many others, the roof ends up costing way much more to install or repair. If you do not have the right training and experience, you will also not know the necessary precautions that you should take when doing this job. And this will not only endanger you but everybody else in the building and all those that will use it in future.


Roofing is not as straightforward as it looks because there are countless things that you will need to do to preserve the integrity of the roof. Your lack of experience means that it will take you a lot of time to figure out all these things and the chances are that you will leave out some important ones. The time that it takes you to understand or learn what you should do in turn means that the residential roofing project will take longer than it would do with a professional. Also, the trial and error process as you try to figure out what to do can cause damages to other parts of the building.


Contrary to what you might think doing the roofing yourself is more expensive than hiring a professional contractor. It is true it might seem costly to hire our company to do the roofing for you but we will do a good job, and so it will be many years before you have to worry about your roof again. Doing it without professional help will look cheap at the onset, but the chances are that you will do a shoddy job that might require repairs after a while. Also, the gaps and cracks that you are very likely to leave will allow air leakage into the house and hence leading to high energy bills.

Warranty and Guarantees

The benefits that you get from a professional contractor do not just stop at roof installation. First, our company is insured, and so you will not be liable for any accidents that happen during the job. Also, in the event of any accidental damages to the house during the roofing, you will also get compensation is we are the cause of the damage. But, if you decide to do the job you will not enjoy all these benefits. The warranties that come with roofing material such as shingles will only be enforceable if the roof installation is by a certified professional. Also, a top company like ours will give you some guarantees that we will fix any problems that may arise within a particular time after completing the job.

Rather than risk your safety trying to do the residential roofing as a DIY where the chances are that you will not get things right, you should get assistance from a qualified roofing expert. And this also applies to repairs and maintenance because they are also dangerous to attempt on your own.