El Paso and Las Cruces Flat Roofing Contractor

Advantages of Flat Roofing

el paso flat roofing and las crucesWhether the building is commercial or domestic, the roof is always an integral part of the design. Although the aesthetic look of the rooftop that you get will depend on style and type of property, budget and relevant regulations, most individuals will find themselves in a dilemma on whether to go with pitched or flat roofing.

As the name suggest, a flat roof entails a top that is almost level but with a slight pitch to make it possible for water to drain. It is an ancient form of roofing, and as a professional roof contractor, I see more and more individuals every year opting to go with this instead of the pitched design. Knowing some of the advantages that come with the flat design should convince you why it is an excellent idea. ARS Roofing, LLC ofers only the best as a flat roof contractor in El Paso and Las Cruces.


Cost or expense is by far the greatest benefit that you get from this roof. With a flat surface, you will not need shingles and many other decorative materials, and this means that cost of installation will reduce significantly. Most of the materials in this roof type are also relatively cheap which means that the cost of installation and maintenance will be low. Also, it is faster and easier than pitched roofs, and so the labor costs will be low.

Easy Accessibility

The flat surface and minimal slope make the roof easy to access which is very convenient. Accessing things like siding and gutter is very simple and safer with this roof, and you can do it without calling in a professional. In case there is trouble at the top of the house such as leaking you can identify the problem fairly quickly, and maintenance such as cleaning it should also be easy for you.

It Provides Extra Space

One of the reasons why our El Paso and Las Cruces customers will want us to install flat roofing for them is the fact that it provides some extra storage space. Unlike in the pitched style of roofing, you can still make use of the space on your roof thanks to its flat nature. You can use it to accommodate different things from your air conditioning unit to solar panels or even plant a rooftop garden if the material makes it possible. The potentialities are infinite when it comes to utilizing this extra space. ARS Roofing Contractors of El Paso and Las Cruces offer top quality workmanship for all of your flat roof needs.

Minimal Wind Damage

As a roofing company owner, one of our primary sources of business is wind damage. Wind damages to roofs are very common, and in most instances, there is little that you can do during installation to prevent them. However, flat roofing is very useful in minimizing the damages because the symmetric surface will offer less resistance to the wind unlike the angled or pitched roof systems. In the event of a storm, houses with this roof type will get minimal if at all any damages.

Even with all these advantages you still need an expert for your flat roofing projects because this is the only way to ensure that you get these benefits and many others. Also, improper installation can lead to leakages and poor water drainage which will reduce the roof lifespan significantly and can also cause damages to the rest of the house. Having been in the roofing business for many years, you can trust as to know everything about this kind of roof and the good thing is that we are only a phone call away.